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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MTC Preston England

the spirit here at the MTC in Preston England is so strong and is testifying left and right.  the food is really good and i am keeping my promise to mom by not eating seconds. my testimony has grown so much in the last four days.  when we flew into manchester there were 26 missionaries!  what a blessing to have that many to travel with. we were picked up by bother mount, he is the transportation guy around here. he picked us up and we started toward preston. i have never seen so much green before. you think oregon is green then wait till you come here (if you ever go here) the different shades of green are amazing. we passed the reebok stadium before we got here.  after we got here president walker and sister walker and president williams and sister williams came to greet us. they gave us instructions and we obeyed. i visited with president walker, emialed you guys, took my baggage to my room (which i share with three other elders: Elder Livinginston, Elder Muche (two dots above the u, he is german) and elder rogers) and register and spoke with the area mission doctor.  they all seeemed pretty nice. we had an orientation meeting and then we walked around the temple grounds.. right behind the mtc is a duck pond. it is so beautiful. everything here is so lusheous and green. it just amazes me. we went to bed and then we woke up to go to class all day saturday. sunday we had sacrememnt meeting and preisthood and then choir practice (something that i really liked and that they do every sunday and every missionary is expected to participate) then we had a little easter activity that included us to go out and search for eggs and then read the easter story with musical numbers that we practiced early in choir practice. it was awesome. we also recieved our companions friday night.  my companion is elder rogers and his is the hinckley zone leader. we have two zones here: the hinckley and the kimball zones.  he is so great to have as a companion. i love him. we play futball almost everyday.  it is so awesome here. there are so many promises that the lord makes to his people. i know christ lives and he died for our sins.  our heavenly father loves us and he watches over us. i can testify that the atonement is real and helps us to get back to heavenly father. thomas s monson is  the lords mouthpeice today. study his words and teachings. apply it to your lives. i love you guys and hope you guys are reaping the blessing of supporting a missionary, cause i am. i feel the spirit with me!!

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