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Sunday, May 22, 2011

I am in Reading, England

The transfer was Awesome!!! I am in the zone and district  of Reading (pernounced Redding)!!!! i am so excited!!! my new companion is Elder Simmons. he is from Muddlake Idaho!!! yeah!! awesome i know! this morning we woke up and the power was out in our whole flat. that was a downer. Elder Simmons is the district leader for the Reading zone. President Shamo said that he is a really hard worker and that would put him in a bigger leadership position except he was inspired to put him as my trainer or father as they call it out here.   i love it hear in Reading. there is so many people here ready to receive or hear the gospel. We found this young family on the street that is really interested to hear what we have to say. Elder Simmons and i feel really good about it. although we had the Sunday blues yesterday. we invited a bunch of people to church. we called and reminded them but no one came to church except one.
i have had real african food called foo foo. it is like this mashed potato stuff that you take a little bit and roll it in your hand and eat it. it is kinda bland but they serve this foo foo with like some sauce on the side so you can scoop up this sauce with the foo foo. it is AMAZING!!! i love it. another african dish i have had here is called couscous. it is like this desert that slightly resembles frog eyed salad. but much better. it is really amazing. there is also something called pepe (it is a really hot pepper sauce. it is really hot compared to a jalepeno if you eat is all by its self.).
 the reading ward here is a little smaller than mink creek but the members are just as amazing. i do believe our ward sings the loudest and quite beautifully in all of the world.  there is a family called the fisher family that just moved from utah to here. they fed us tacos and supposively no one  serves tacos here. they are such a nice family. we are teaching some after baptism lessons to this woman she was baptized before i got here and we are teaching her the lessons again. her husband, Peter, wants nothing to do with the church. the elders were really warning me to watch out for his language and jokes.
guess what?! i am starting to say stuff like an Englishman!! it is really cool!!
this last week we had 12 new investigators. how we can tell if they are new investigators is when we set up a second appointment with them and they keep their commintments. awesome yeah?!!!
 i am so glad that i chose to come here on a mission and i cant imagine myself anywhere else. it is really interesting in my patriarchal blessing it says that i will go among the nations of the world. i have already contacted people from almost all over the world. it is really amazing where people come from and i am not even in London. i have heard stories of london. Elder Simmons first area was Willington? i think. and that is right in the heart of london in our mission.
This is the Preston , England MTC on Wedding Day 4-29-2011
Kyle is on back row 5th from right.

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  1. Kyle,
    Everything sounds great!! You are doing a great job!! The African food sounds interesting. You'll have to bring some recipes home so we can try them. Make sure you get the recipe for the sauce. It sounds like that's what makes it good. How are the lessons going with the lady whose husband is not interested in the church? Keep up the good work!!!