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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Last Day in MTC Preston, England

Tuesday, May 10th  (this is still back at the MTC) we went to the Preston England temple for the last time. it was really awesome. we watched the Joseph Smith movie afterwards and holy cow!!! the things that i have learned in the past few weeks and add it to that movie was really spiritual. the Spirit bore a very strong witness that Joseph smith restored the true church on this earth.  it was not subtle. the Spirit came with full force. there was a scripture in moses that says "Satan does not know the mind of God" all those things that Satan lead people to do to Joseph Smith was for his coming a better person and to withstand more tribulations. God doesn't not let us to be tempted unless we are able to overcome that temptation. after the movie we had a testimony meeting. we arranged the chairs so we were all in a circle.  i think all of us bore our testimonies. and again the Spirit bore witness to my heart every time a truth was testified of. my testimony is so much stronger. that is one of the things why we go to the MTC before the mission field, to have our testimonies grow and to testify of the Christ.

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