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My Address (hint: I love letters)
Elder Kyle Taylor Beardall
England London South Mission
West Park Road
Newchapel, Surrey RH7 6NB
United Kingdom

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This is President Shamo and Sister Shamo and Kyle and Elder Simmons(companion)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I am in Reading, England

The transfer was Awesome!!! I am in the zone and district  of Reading (pernounced Redding)!!!! i am so excited!!! my new companion is Elder Simmons. he is from Muddlake Idaho!!! yeah!! awesome i know! this morning we woke up and the power was out in our whole flat. that was a downer. Elder Simmons is the district leader for the Reading zone. President Shamo said that he is a really hard worker and that would put him in a bigger leadership position except he was inspired to put him as my trainer or father as they call it out here.   i love it hear in Reading. there is so many people here ready to receive or hear the gospel. We found this young family on the street that is really interested to hear what we have to say. Elder Simmons and i feel really good about it. although we had the Sunday blues yesterday. we invited a bunch of people to church. we called and reminded them but no one came to church except one.
i have had real african food called foo foo. it is like this mashed potato stuff that you take a little bit and roll it in your hand and eat it. it is kinda bland but they serve this foo foo with like some sauce on the side so you can scoop up this sauce with the foo foo. it is AMAZING!!! i love it. another african dish i have had here is called couscous. it is like this desert that slightly resembles frog eyed salad. but much better. it is really amazing. there is also something called pepe (it is a really hot pepper sauce. it is really hot compared to a jalepeno if you eat is all by its self.).
 the reading ward here is a little smaller than mink creek but the members are just as amazing. i do believe our ward sings the loudest and quite beautifully in all of the world.  there is a family called the fisher family that just moved from utah to here. they fed us tacos and supposively no one  serves tacos here. they are such a nice family. we are teaching some after baptism lessons to this woman she was baptized before i got here and we are teaching her the lessons again. her husband, Peter, wants nothing to do with the church. the elders were really warning me to watch out for his language and jokes.
guess what?! i am starting to say stuff like an Englishman!! it is really cool!!
this last week we had 12 new investigators. how we can tell if they are new investigators is when we set up a second appointment with them and they keep their commintments. awesome yeah?!!!
 i am so glad that i chose to come here on a mission and i cant imagine myself anywhere else. it is really interesting in my patriarchal blessing it says that i will go among the nations of the world. i have already contacted people from almost all over the world. it is really amazing where people come from and i am not even in London. i have heard stories of london. Elder Simmons first area was Willington? i think. and that is right in the heart of london in our mission.
This is the Preston , England MTC on Wedding Day 4-29-2011
Kyle is on back row 5th from right.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I am actually in the MISSION FIELD!!!

Wednesday May 11th 2011: i woke up at 4 in the morning to get to the showers before everyone else did. the buses left at six. and i needed to pack some stuff that i didn't get packed. i didn't unpack all the way i only unpacked the stuff i needed and then that stuff was hardly used anyways. my room mates complained but they actually thanked my later because there was a leak in one of the shower rooms and they closed it off. so there were nine showers for at least 30 elders. pretty crazy. we brought our luggage out to the buses and loaded up the buses and went different ways. there were only two buses. the other bus had the Birmingham (16 missionaries) and the London (5 missionaries) missions. the second bus was the London south (19) missionaries. it was a long drive but most of us could not sleep for the excitement of the unknown was too much. we were going to the mission field!! when we got there president shamo and sister shamo was waiting to greet us and so were the trainers and assistants. 
the assistants took us to a room and president shamo gave us some instruction, then they took us to another room in which we had lunch with the mission president and his wife. it was really good.  the cook was from Idaho falls. a sister mcCullen. it was sandwiches and rice crispy treats. really Idaho style. it was very awesome. then we were instructed by the assistants (there were three: Elder Carr (England) elder Karjialono (Finland) and Elder Allred (Canada, he is also my grandfather!! he trained my trainer.)) then by president Larsen (one of the councilors) about how we can be more like Mormon and how proud we should be to be called after such a wonderful man. then we separated the the chairs. Newbies on one side and trainers on the other side. the new missionaries would stand up and introduce themselves and tell a little about themselves and why they were on their mission. then the would be a drum roll and like a shout ( kinda what we do for a football kick of) the mission president's wife would cut us off and then announce the trainer. after the announcement the trainer would have a picture taken with his new companion and then they would have another picture with the mission president. elder Simmons had a big huge smile on his face when he stood up. after everyone had their trainer announced to them we moved to the office and got interviewed by the mission president. he said that i had the very best trainer in the whole mission. i believe it, even after not even one whole day. we got my luggage and got a ride to the train station. we were supposed to get a ride from the zone leaders but we gave up our ride for the sisters as like gentleman and elders should. we took the train to clapham junction then got on another train to southern junction (i think that is what it is called) and then from there we got a train to reading. by the time we got to our flat it was nine at night. today we are teaching a guy name Lisson from Africa. i think Nigeria or Ghana. England is a bigger melting pot then America. we also have a dinner appointment with a member family. supposedly the families pass around a calendar and they write down when they want the missionaries for dinner, or lunch. i have basically jumped into the deep end and i am loving every minute of it!!! 
i know this church is true. i cannot deny my testimony of this gospel. Christ does live and he performed the Atonement. that Atonement is how we can come to know the Christ. if we use it as we should then we will know the Christ and know him when he stands before us.  i want you to know that i am working hard out here. even though it is my very first day i am working hard. my trainer is awesome and i love him the moment we hugged in the transfer meeting. 
Love always 
Elder Beardall
P.S. D&C 121-123 i love these sections they are revalations recieved by Joseph Smith when in Liberty jail. . they are full of knowledge.

Last Day in MTC Preston, England

Tuesday, May 10th  (this is still back at the MTC) we went to the Preston England temple for the last time. it was really awesome. we watched the Joseph Smith movie afterwards and holy cow!!! the things that i have learned in the past few weeks and add it to that movie was really spiritual. the Spirit bore a very strong witness that Joseph smith restored the true church on this earth.  it was not subtle. the Spirit came with full force. there was a scripture in moses that says "Satan does not know the mind of God" all those things that Satan lead people to do to Joseph Smith was for his coming a better person and to withstand more tribulations. God doesn't not let us to be tempted unless we are able to overcome that temptation. after the movie we had a testimony meeting. we arranged the chairs so we were all in a circle.  i think all of us bore our testimonies. and again the Spirit bore witness to my heart every time a truth was testified of. my testimony is so much stronger. that is one of the things why we go to the MTC before the mission field, to have our testimonies grow and to testify of the Christ.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MTC Preston England

the spirit here at the MTC in Preston England is so strong and is testifying left and right.  the food is really good and i am keeping my promise to mom by not eating seconds. my testimony has grown so much in the last four days.  when we flew into manchester there were 26 missionaries!  what a blessing to have that many to travel with. we were picked up by bother mount, he is the transportation guy around here. he picked us up and we started toward preston. i have never seen so much green before. you think oregon is green then wait till you come here (if you ever go here) the different shades of green are amazing. we passed the reebok stadium before we got here.  after we got here president walker and sister walker and president williams and sister williams came to greet us. they gave us instructions and we obeyed. i visited with president walker, emialed you guys, took my baggage to my room (which i share with three other elders: Elder Livinginston, Elder Muche (two dots above the u, he is german) and elder rogers) and register and spoke with the area mission doctor.  they all seeemed pretty nice. we had an orientation meeting and then we walked around the temple grounds.. right behind the mtc is a duck pond. it is so beautiful. everything here is so lusheous and green. it just amazes me. we went to bed and then we woke up to go to class all day saturday. sunday we had sacrememnt meeting and preisthood and then choir practice (something that i really liked and that they do every sunday and every missionary is expected to participate) then we had a little easter activity that included us to go out and search for eggs and then read the easter story with musical numbers that we practiced early in choir practice. it was awesome. we also recieved our companions friday night.  my companion is elder rogers and his is the hinckley zone leader. we have two zones here: the hinckley and the kimball zones.  he is so great to have as a companion. i love him. we play futball almost everyday.  it is so awesome here. there are so many promises that the lord makes to his people. i know christ lives and he died for our sins.  our heavenly father loves us and he watches over us. i can testify that the atonement is real and helps us to get back to heavenly father. thomas s monson is  the lords mouthpeice today. study his words and teachings. apply it to your lives. i love you guys and hope you guys are reaping the blessing of supporting a missionary, cause i am. i feel the spirit with me!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Elder Beardall flying to England

Elder Beardall flew out with several other missionaries to Manchester, England.  He was excited that he didn't have to go alone.  He received his name tag in the mail so he put it on just as soon as he was set apart and was able to wear it at the airport.