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Sunday, May 15, 2011

I am actually in the MISSION FIELD!!!

Wednesday May 11th 2011: i woke up at 4 in the morning to get to the showers before everyone else did. the buses left at six. and i needed to pack some stuff that i didn't get packed. i didn't unpack all the way i only unpacked the stuff i needed and then that stuff was hardly used anyways. my room mates complained but they actually thanked my later because there was a leak in one of the shower rooms and they closed it off. so there were nine showers for at least 30 elders. pretty crazy. we brought our luggage out to the buses and loaded up the buses and went different ways. there were only two buses. the other bus had the Birmingham (16 missionaries) and the London (5 missionaries) missions. the second bus was the London south (19) missionaries. it was a long drive but most of us could not sleep for the excitement of the unknown was too much. we were going to the mission field!! when we got there president shamo and sister shamo was waiting to greet us and so were the trainers and assistants. 
the assistants took us to a room and president shamo gave us some instruction, then they took us to another room in which we had lunch with the mission president and his wife. it was really good.  the cook was from Idaho falls. a sister mcCullen. it was sandwiches and rice crispy treats. really Idaho style. it was very awesome. then we were instructed by the assistants (there were three: Elder Carr (England) elder Karjialono (Finland) and Elder Allred (Canada, he is also my grandfather!! he trained my trainer.)) then by president Larsen (one of the councilors) about how we can be more like Mormon and how proud we should be to be called after such a wonderful man. then we separated the the chairs. Newbies on one side and trainers on the other side. the new missionaries would stand up and introduce themselves and tell a little about themselves and why they were on their mission. then the would be a drum roll and like a shout ( kinda what we do for a football kick of) the mission president's wife would cut us off and then announce the trainer. after the announcement the trainer would have a picture taken with his new companion and then they would have another picture with the mission president. elder Simmons had a big huge smile on his face when he stood up. after everyone had their trainer announced to them we moved to the office and got interviewed by the mission president. he said that i had the very best trainer in the whole mission. i believe it, even after not even one whole day. we got my luggage and got a ride to the train station. we were supposed to get a ride from the zone leaders but we gave up our ride for the sisters as like gentleman and elders should. we took the train to clapham junction then got on another train to southern junction (i think that is what it is called) and then from there we got a train to reading. by the time we got to our flat it was nine at night. today we are teaching a guy name Lisson from Africa. i think Nigeria or Ghana. England is a bigger melting pot then America. we also have a dinner appointment with a member family. supposedly the families pass around a calendar and they write down when they want the missionaries for dinner, or lunch. i have basically jumped into the deep end and i am loving every minute of it!!! 
i know this church is true. i cannot deny my testimony of this gospel. Christ does live and he performed the Atonement. that Atonement is how we can come to know the Christ. if we use it as we should then we will know the Christ and know him when he stands before us.  i want you to know that i am working hard out here. even though it is my very first day i am working hard. my trainer is awesome and i love him the moment we hugged in the transfer meeting. 
Love always 
Elder Beardall
P.S. D&C 121-123 i love these sections they are revalations recieved by Joseph Smith when in Liberty jail. . they are full of knowledge.

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