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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oct 2011
i dont have that much time today. sorry 
yesterday one of our investigators at church bore his testimony. it was so cool to see him bear that testimony. he is working towards baptism and the youth in the ward just love him. i think he will fit in well with the ward. 
the work is starting to pick up here in taunton. the finding is doing so great but the members are starting to trust us and giving us referrals. the ward is starting to pull itself together. i hope it lasts. i love this missionary work and continue to work hard to fulfill my duty as a missionary. sorry this is a short email. 
well i love you lots and hope to get a package full love and goodies
Elder Beardall

October 2011
This week was full of the spirit. we worked hard all week and there was not any visible success. Friday we had a big zone conference in Poole. that took all day but it was so worth it. and then we had conference weekend. that was just hectic. none of our investigators wanted to come and that was so very stress full. the shcedule for conference was so messed up. we watched the saturday morning live at five in the evening then slept over at another companion's flat. the next morning we watched priesthood at 10 and then Saturday afternoon at 1 and then the sunday morning at five. unfortunetly we dont get to watch the sunday afternoon session at all. well we can watch it if we break the rules but then that would be breaking the rules. so who spoke at the last session of conference. i know  oaks, nelson, and cook spoke. those are the ones i didnt see speak. a bummer cause i like elder nelson. but man there were so many good speakers. and all of them had the spirit of revalation.  what do you think about the new provo temple being built at the old tabernacle site. amazing!!! and the starr valley wyoming temple. holy cow!!!!! i think my favorite was elder packer's talk. man he was so good. and of course elder monson's  sunday afternoon talk. that was so funny. wow.  it shows you how much love there is in that quorum of the twelve apostles. did you guys get that link that i sent you about elder bednar coming to england and that video clip with the stake conference that i was at?  can you believe it has been almost six months. and guess what? it has been seven months  today that adam passed beyond the veil. talking about family. i am pretty sure i felt grandma beardall's presence at conference when one of the seventy was speaking. it was a comforting feeling and made me cry. i love you guys and i do have a testimony that the book of mormon is  true and that it compliments the bible. the bible and the book of mormon are both the word of god.
Sept.  2011
I am doing awesome here in Taunton.The work here goes about a little different then in Reading but it is still the Lord's work and it goes on with seen and unseen hands. My sleep has been rather difficult but that still doesnt stop me from going out and working. Kyle? working? yeah i know. its weird to hear me say that but i am and i am loving every moment of it. i love sharing my small but simple testimony on the street and outside on the doorstep.Llast night i had my first knock in. it was really amazing. we knocked six doors with very hard rejection. We basically got ripped into by this one guy. we were pretty saddened by that. but guess what?! the very next door the guy said "yeah i am interested come on in!" my eyes were probably popping out of their sockets. it was so amazing.  He is a friend of a less active and has always been interested in the church. he is so cool. he says that he doesnt believe in god but near the end of the lesson he said he felt something stir in him. MIRACLE!! Moroni is right. the reason why we don't see miracles today is because people don't have faith. the people who don't have faith don't see the miracles that we see. Every conversion is a miracle. me being here on a mission is a miracle. there are miracles all over the place. all we have to do is have faith that is centered on the Lord Jesus Christ and we see miracles. the ward mission leader here in Taunton is crazy but crazy good. he seems really spiritual and amazing. its really good to hear from you guys. 
 i can feel your prayers each day and the strength it gives me. i know i cant go on this mission alone. its scary but i have the Lord helping and Adam helping me also. know that i have a testimony of Christ's divinity. He is the Savior of the world. He is my Lord and my Redeemer. He knows what is best for me and for you guys. He is part of a glorious plan of our Heavely Father's. i love you guys and hope you are doing well.

Monday, September 19, 2011

I have been transferred!!

Hello, !!!
guess what? i moved!!! i am now in Taunton, somerset!! it is south of bristol. my new companion is elder Boe Johnson. he is from provo, utah. he is about six foot 2. so yeah he is pretty tall. Taunton is a small town..something like preston and soda springs combined. but still a small town. it is a walking area. and man!! my legs are already tired and i have been here for five days!! the work is a little slow right now but i know that it will start to pick up. this is my second area and i love it here. the ward is small very small. it has about 60 members that come regular. it is so weird to see that small of a ward but it is good. the ward members want it to grow. already we have knocked alot of doors. that is what is effective out here. i moved halfway accross the mission. it was really scary at first and then i seemed to get the hang of it now. my companion is district leader. uh... what else has happened? the reason i didnt email you guys to tell you is because somerset is like the hick county in England and the internet was not working. so i had to wait until they could fix the thingy with duct tape. Just kidding. they didnt fix the thing with duct tape, they arent that hill billy like. but anyways. i know service is so nice. espacially when you have the chance to do it. i like the promise that the Lord gives. he says Let us teach each other in the spirit and be edified together. when we serve we learn and grow together with the people we serve. it is a great gift that is god has given us. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

This is a statue of a lion in a park.  It is Huge!!!  The work has been a little difficult lately but if we look at the good side some one is preparing for baptism!  We have an investigator who is going to be baptized we had to move his baptism to September 10th because his family is out of town. he mom is even here in the uk and will be for his baptism!! the lord does work in mysteries ways. there has been alot of opposition this week but we have pulled through it.
Elder Bednar is Coming to England September 3 and 4 to the reading stake!! he is also doing a mission conference to. so i will see him about three times!!! how awesome is that!! ther is a young single adult fireside that saturday and then a stake conference the following morning and then that afternoon is the mission conference. it is going to be really cool. England is the coolest place ever!!!!!
the ward here has found out that i can play the organ. this could turn out to be good. their main organ player has moved to go to college in london. the asked me to play yesterday. luckily another member stepped in and played the organ amazingly so that the ward would not have to endure my horrible playing.
people really do look up to this church and know that there is something different about it. some people specify it as the devil but i know that it is of god. the book of mormon is the word of god and that it has the power to strengthen us as members of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints and the power to  change the lives of people who read its truth. our mission president came out with a slogan that i really love.
Faith is the Power -- Time is the Resource -- Obedience is the Blessing -- Love is the Motive -- The Spirit is the Key --Christ is the Reason. 
i leave you this testimony in the name of our savior, jesus christ amen.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

4th of July English Style

This picture is Elder Burton and I spending the Fourth of July at an American's house. they bought a watermelon and it was yellow!!! there are no red watermelon over here, at least none that we can find.
There is a woman who has brought more than three hundred people into the church here in England. She makes street contacting seem very easy. and it is to her. That is one of my biggest struggles right now is street contacting. i LOVE knocking and bus contacting but there is just something about street contacting that scares me.
well this church is true. and Jesus Christ leads it through a prophet called Thomas s Monson. i love my Savior and that is why i am here in England.
love Elder Beardall

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trying week

this week has been really trying, alot of opposition and rejection. but it is their choice to hear what we have to share. yesterday was my first exchange. it wasnt a real official exchange. there was a leadership meeting in the Reading chapel, and since my companion is a district leader and i am not his assistant we had to exchange. so it was not official cuz we didnt plan it very well. but we had fun. we did alot of work. there was alot of opposition yesterday. it kinda got to me. but then we started to teach with the spirit and it made our day soooo much better. then we exchanged back and elder simmons and i found this less active jehovah witness family that are looking for another church. it was a miracle. there arent too many investigators that are solid. we only have one baptism date,
today is my first official exchange. it is with the zone leaders that are in woodley, the other area in reading. i will be going with elder gardner from Woverhampton, England. he is sooo amazing as a missionary. this whole week is exchanges. tomorrow we will exchange back and then friday we exchange with the other elders in our district from Oxford. and all three exchanges i am staying here in reading as the senior companion. yesterday was tough cuz all our appointments turned out to be flogged. i hope today is better. 
sunday we were going to knock on this street but we felt like we should start to head down another road. we started walking and we saw this Chinese family. we stopped them and started to talk to them. it turns out that they are from Thailand and just moved a month ago. they have two little kids. she spoke good English and the father spoke some english. it was so amazing. we had stake conference sunday. it was a broadcast from salt lake. president monson spoke to us with Elder L. Tom Perry, Barbara Thompson, elder Kearing (i think thats how you spell his name). it was so amazing. we had an investigator with us and he had alot of questions after so we sat down with him and started to teach him. he had good questions. really heartfelt questions. 
i know this church is true. we are children of god and he loves us. As we take the name of jesus Christ we become his children too. he loves us just like the Father Does. he willingly gave up his life for us and because of that we have the opportunity to live with our families forever and also to live with the family of God, especially in his presence. Everyone is God's children but are we treating them like god would treat them. look in Acts 9:15. each person we see could change. thats whats so glorious about this gospel and especially the book of mormon. It has the power to change lives.i love you guys very much and i hope you guys are well. 
Elder Beardall