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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

October 2011
This week was full of the spirit. we worked hard all week and there was not any visible success. Friday we had a big zone conference in Poole. that took all day but it was so worth it. and then we had conference weekend. that was just hectic. none of our investigators wanted to come and that was so very stress full. the shcedule for conference was so messed up. we watched the saturday morning live at five in the evening then slept over at another companion's flat. the next morning we watched priesthood at 10 and then Saturday afternoon at 1 and then the sunday morning at five. unfortunetly we dont get to watch the sunday afternoon session at all. well we can watch it if we break the rules but then that would be breaking the rules. so who spoke at the last session of conference. i know  oaks, nelson, and cook spoke. those are the ones i didnt see speak. a bummer cause i like elder nelson. but man there were so many good speakers. and all of them had the spirit of revalation.  what do you think about the new provo temple being built at the old tabernacle site. amazing!!! and the starr valley wyoming temple. holy cow!!!!! i think my favorite was elder packer's talk. man he was so good. and of course elder monson's  sunday afternoon talk. that was so funny. wow.  it shows you how much love there is in that quorum of the twelve apostles. did you guys get that link that i sent you about elder bednar coming to england and that video clip with the stake conference that i was at?  can you believe it has been almost six months. and guess what? it has been seven months  today that adam passed beyond the veil. talking about family. i am pretty sure i felt grandma beardall's presence at conference when one of the seventy was speaking. it was a comforting feeling and made me cry. i love you guys and i do have a testimony that the book of mormon is  true and that it compliments the bible. the bible and the book of mormon are both the word of god.

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