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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sept.  2011
I am doing awesome here in Taunton.The work here goes about a little different then in Reading but it is still the Lord's work and it goes on with seen and unseen hands. My sleep has been rather difficult but that still doesnt stop me from going out and working. Kyle? working? yeah i know. its weird to hear me say that but i am and i am loving every moment of it. i love sharing my small but simple testimony on the street and outside on the doorstep.Llast night i had my first knock in. it was really amazing. we knocked six doors with very hard rejection. We basically got ripped into by this one guy. we were pretty saddened by that. but guess what?! the very next door the guy said "yeah i am interested come on in!" my eyes were probably popping out of their sockets. it was so amazing.  He is a friend of a less active and has always been interested in the church. he is so cool. he says that he doesnt believe in god but near the end of the lesson he said he felt something stir in him. MIRACLE!! Moroni is right. the reason why we don't see miracles today is because people don't have faith. the people who don't have faith don't see the miracles that we see. Every conversion is a miracle. me being here on a mission is a miracle. there are miracles all over the place. all we have to do is have faith that is centered on the Lord Jesus Christ and we see miracles. the ward mission leader here in Taunton is crazy but crazy good. he seems really spiritual and amazing. its really good to hear from you guys. 
 i can feel your prayers each day and the strength it gives me. i know i cant go on this mission alone. its scary but i have the Lord helping and Adam helping me also. know that i have a testimony of Christ's divinity. He is the Savior of the world. He is my Lord and my Redeemer. He knows what is best for me and for you guys. He is part of a glorious plan of our Heavely Father's. i love you guys and hope you are doing well.

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